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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start with FREE Trial Plan?

Yes, we strongly believe that you should only pay when you are fully convinced with the application. We suggest you should go for 1 month trial, so that you understand the full features of the application (web + mobile ), and in a better position to use the application when you purchase the plan.

Do I need a Credit Card/Bank Account to try the application?

No, you don't need a credit card or bank account to try the application. You can sign up for the FREE Trial plan and use the full application with any number of devices for 1 month.

Does the Trial plan offer limited features?

No, The Trial package has all features enabled, and you can add as many devices(smart phones) as you require.

What will happen if I do not upgrade after 1 month FREE Trial Plan?

If you do not upgrade during the 1 month Trial , your account will get disabled and all the devices subscribed to your account will get deactivated.You no longer will be able to track your devices and none of your users would be able to send check in and emergency alerts. However, if you choose to upgrade later, you account will be activated and all the devices will resume the services.

How do I upgrade my FREE account to a paid account?

To upgrade from FREE account to paid account, log in to the site and then click the "Upgrade" link.

How do I upgrade to paid plan if my FREE plan expires? Do I need to register again?

No, you don't need to register again. Just login to the website with your username/password and you will be provided with the "Upgrade" link to upgrade your account.

Can I pay for a year in advance?

Yes, you can pay in advance for a year. And the good news is - you would be entitled for 2 months of free service if you decide to go for annual subscription. However, it is not mandatory to go for annual subscription and you also have the option to subscribe for monthly service.

Can I cancel subscription any time?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.

Do you offer any discounts to corporates?

We run promotional campaigns from time to time, the codes for which can be obtained from internet. These promotional codes make you eligible for additional discounts. For bulk purchase, please contact us at